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exclusive awards to order

Are you organizing a sporting event or planning to reward company employees? We offer to make awards according to individual sketches or specifications of the customer. In order to order our product, we need from you not a lot of information:

Layout, vector graphics or a sketch of the proposed product, that designers “S-Cast” accurately reflected everything in the layout of the medal;
Geometric dimensions;
The presence of enamel and the number of colors;
Type of electroplating (gilding, nickel, black nickel, copper, bronze).

In the case of individual order of production, each stage of work is coordinated with the client, which allows to translate any ideas into reality.

Production of corporate, sports, gift awards to order

“S-Cast” company accepts orders for manufacturing awards of different materials, for corporate purposes, sporting events, contests, original gifts. We use a variety of materials and technologies in the work, will ensure the implementation of any design layout at a high level. Orders are made by qualified, experienced craftsmen on the latest professional equipment.

The purpose of award products

In a variety of situations may require the production of awards to order. These products can be used as:

  • memorable souvenirs for the participants of the events;
  • prizes for the winners of competitions, contests;
  • incentives for the best employees;
  • original gifts for colleagues, friends, relatives.

Products made to an exclusive sketch, are unique, which gives them a special value. Targeted awards, designed for the specific recipient can be considered priceless. Such a gift is sure to arouse vivid emotions and sincere gratitude.

High-precision equipment, expert craftsmanship allow high precision performance. We can order the production of copies of the awards. Valuable original can be stored in a safe place, their duplicates can be demonstrated to guests.

Award products have many variations, in the production of various materials are used. It is easy to choose the best option for any purpose.

Types of award products

These products can be made in a variety of ways. The choice depends on the purpose, the reason for presenting, the status of the recipient, other factors. Enjoys the popularity of making awards in the form of:

  • cups,
  • steles,
  • medals,
  • statuettes,
  • plates,
  • plaques.

Cups are traditionally given to the winners of sporting events. Steles are a universal option, they can be awarded to the winners of competitions, the best employees, they are an excellent souvenir for presenting to partners and customers. Statuettes are made for thematic gifts when necessary to emphasize the professional affiliation, industry activities, etc. Plaques, plates are often used as original gifts.

Please note that the production of state awards is carried out only at specialized enterprises. In our company you can order only a copy.

Materials in the manufacture of awards

In the creation of award products can be used various materials:

  • wood,
  • polymers,
  • metal,
  • glass,
  • acrylic.

Each raw material has certain advantages. Products made of wood have a unique texture, a beautiful natural shade. Lacquer coating provides not only protection, but also a noble shine. This material is usually used to create memorable souvenirs, original gifts. Making awards out of glass is usually ordered for use in corporate purposes. You can replace it with acrylic, if you want to save costs, to ensure the products strength. Longevity of objects provides metal. It can be combined with wood, glass and polymers.

We use traditional and innovative technologies of decoration, we realize design project of any level of complexity.

In our company you can order products from any material. Models are made according to the client’s sketch. Promptly executed orders of any volume. You can order the urgent production of awards, to receive products in the shortest possible time. The cost of the service is moderate, affordable for a wide range of customers.