Exclusive coins made to order



We produce custom souvenir, game, and anniversary coins made of brass or zinc alloy. They can be of any shape and thickness. We apply decorative galvanic coatings and colored enamels to them.

We supply coins in cases, coin capsules, or in packages with a Zip-Lock lock. If necessary, we can develop a design layout for your coin.

Please note that we do not manufacture copies of antique and government coins.



Production of souvenir coins to order

S-Cast” company offers the optimal solution for the formation of corporate identity, advertising campaign, preparation of original gifts and memorable souvenirs. With us you can order the production of coins to an exclusive sketch. We use different kinds of materials and technologies in production, we have the latest production equipment. This allows us to execute your order of any complexity and volume with high quality and efficiency.

Materials and technologies in coin production

In coin making different materials are used. The choice depends on the status of the product, its purpose. You can order products from:

  • brass;
  • zinc alloy.

Production of products in large batches is carried out by stamping. This technology does not require high costs, allows you to quickly make coins in large quantities. In the manufacture of chemical engraving is used, providing an opportunity to create the necessary design. Elite products, the aesthetic characteristics of which are more demanding, are created by casting technology.

Our company has equipment for all methods of production, using traditional and advanced techniques. You can choose material and technology, taking into account all the nuances.

Processing and decoration of souvenir coins

Several ways of processing and decorating are used in coin making. On the surface can be applied:

  • nickel;
  • black nickel;
  • gilding;
  • bright copper plating;
  • bronze;
  • enamel.

The nickel layer provides the metal alloy with reliable protection, gives a beautiful shine, excellent aesthetic characteristics. Coins with gold-plating look expensive and luxurious. Silver adds nobility and sophistication. Hard and soft enamels are used to create a bright spectacular design. Coins can be customized with 3D reliefs for maximum appeal.

Not only the design of the obverse and reverse influences the attractiveness of a coin. It is necessary to pay attention to the edge as well. The edge can be made perfectly smooth, to ensure he shine. Relatively look products with ribbed edge. Inscriptions could be put on the edge of the original souvenirs.

The purpose of souvenir coins

Making custom coins can be the perfect solution in a variety of situations. This souvenir production is used as:

  • an original gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, housewarming;
  • memorable souvenirs in corporate, city events;
  • awards at sporting events, competitions;
  • advertising media in promotions, the formation of a corporate image.

There are no restrictions in the choice of type, complexity of images. Coins can decorate the portraits of the protagonists of the celebrations, the attractions of the city, sports paraphernalia, emblems, etc. The noble relief decor, bright colored images are created on the articles. For corporate, advertising purposes, coins with the logo of the brand can be ordered. A high quality product is sure to be carefully stored, which contributes to the popularization of the firm.

Coins can be made according to the customer’s sketches. You can entrust the project development to professional talented designers of our company.

Cost of coin production to order

The final cost of the coin production service is calculated individually for a particular order. Several factors influence this figure:

  • materials and production technology;
  • types of processing, design;
  • number of products;
  • the complexity of the work.

For example, products made of steel alloys will cost less than their brass counterparts. Will increase the cost of gold-plated, silver plating, the creation of a nickel layer. Creation of reliefs, notches and inscriptions on the edge will require certain costs. Stamped coins are on the order of magnitude cheaper than cast ones requiring the manufacture of special forms.

Material consumption and production costs depend directly on the number of pieces. Manufacturing of coins of high complexity, with unique decor, 3D-relief, will require involvement of specialists of several profiles. The price of such souvenirs is higher, but the cost is justified if you need to make a solid memorable gift for an important date. On our site there is a special option, which allows you to order a preliminary calculation, to know in advance the amount of costs.

We invite you to order coins for any purpose. Our company offers customers maximum convenience. We have a delivery service. Our courier service will deliver the souvenir coins to any region of Ukraine. If the order amount exceeds 5 thousand UAH, the service is free of charge.