Exclusive custom-made keychains in Kharkiv

A keychain is an accessory designed as a pendant on a chain or ring.

We manufacture custom metal keychains made of brass or zinc alloy. They can be made in any size and shape, with decorative galvanic coatings and colored enamels.

We provide the necessary hardware to complete the keychain. It can be used as a commemorative gift, for advertising (exhibitions, presentations, promotions), or decorative purposes.

A keychain is an excellent souvenir that can be attached to keychains, bags, backpacks, and clothing. We can create a design layout for your keychain based on your ideas (sketches) and bring it to life in the finished product.

Production of key chains to order

Souvenirs, which include nice things with the logo or carrying other promotional information, is stably in demand today. Our company “S-Cast” offers professional manufacturer of keychains to order for individual designs, provided by the customer or developed by our experts, taking into account all his wishes and ideas. Keychains made of metal are considered a long-term promotional and informational media, which is always on hand. That’s why they are often used by companies promoting their products or brands to achieve their promotional objectives. The original trinket will be a spectacular souvenir for customers, employees, sponsors, business partners, etc.

What are keychains?

Keychain – a stylish and functional accessory, which is a ring for carrying keys with the original suspension. It is a constant companion of any person, so it is often used in advertising to promote a company, a new product or brand, increase its recognition and loyalty of the target audience.

Manufacturing keychains in our company is made of brass or zinc alloy using the latest technology of treatment and decoration. This allows us to bring to life any design idea, to turn the usual keychain into a truly exclusive thing.

Keychain types

Our company offers production of various types of key chains on the keys, bags, cell phone cases, car alarms or automatic gates. You can order from us:

  • metal key chains with the logo, which is not the first year are a hit;
  • gift charms with photos, corporate logo, advertising slogan or an original inscription;
  • keychains with numbers;
  • souvenir keychains with the image of places of interest;
  • original promotional keychains, etc.

Manufacturing of key chains begins with the development of a design project. First of all a general concept of a future product is defined, then a form, size and design, as well as graphics, text and color design is chosen. Based on this, developed a sketch, selected materials and manufacturing techniques. Based on the design project, a 3D model is created to visualize the future keychain. It allows the customer to see how the product ordered by them would look like, made according to the approved design project, so that, if necessary, to make additions and corrections.

Our offers

Our company “S-Cast” offers the production of keychains on individual sketches using the latest technology. Even the production shop is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, allowing the implementation of any design idea, carefully handle the smallest detail, provide the customer with the present exclusive. We practice:

  • casting zinc alloys;
  • chemical engraving of brass;
  • electroplating – gold-plating, silver plating, bronzing;
  • etching and milling;
  • color enamel coating;
  • artificial aging and patination.

Stably in demand manufacturing branded key chains. They are ordered in large quantities before the promotional activities for gifts, souvenirs and prizes. We work on a contractual basis, undertaken our obligations perform strictly on time. With us you can pay any convenient way for you – in cash, a card Privatbank, bank transfer to the account. We organize delivery of any batch of finished products by courier service in any city of Ukraine. When ordering over 5 thousand UAH it will be free for you.