Exclusive badges made to order

A badge is a small, metal plate of rectangular, circular or arbitrary shape with an image and/or text applied on it, designed to be worn on the chest. Badges are awarded for merits, worn as a sign of solidarity with someone or something, to show affiliation with an organization, or in memory of a significant event.

We produce custom-made metal badges from brass or zinc alloy with various types of attachments. We apply decorative galvanic coatings and colored enamels.

We can develop a badge design layout using your ideas (sketches) and implement it in the finished product.

Making badges to individual designs

The company “S-Cast” offers the production of icons to order by individual sketches. You can order any batch of them. We will develop for you an exclusive design layout and after your approval bring it to life. Badges to order we make round, oval, rectangular or arbitrary shape of brass or zinc alloy, use different options of attachment. Face decorative design of badge is limited only by your imagination. We have the power to realize any design ideas using electroplating and color enamels.

What are badges for?

Badges relate to the corporate attributes, which are actively ordered by many modern companies for their employees in order to emphasize their affiliation to a certain field. Badges on the chest can be seen in civil servants, bank employees, sales representatives, etc. The presence of corporate attributes emphasizes the high status of the company and its reliability, which contributes to the formation of a positive impression about it among potential partners and clients.

Metal badges are ordered by sports clubs, schools, associations, public organizations, etc. In demand these days souvenir badges with the logo of the company or organization, which are ordered for various promotional activities that collects a large number of people. They are attached to the jacket, lapel, backpack, but the most popular were and remain breast badges, which come in different forms. We make them for you in the shortest possible time, you will be satisfied with the quality.

Types of badges

Badges are time-tested classics. In our country they were common before the October Revolution and do not lose their popularity today. We offer the manufacture of badges badges:

  • corporate, designed in the form of a logo in company colors, which will be an element of the dress code for employees and will indicate their affiliation with a particular company or brand, distinguish them from the mass of business people;
  • deputies’ and party colors, made in the form of a flying flag with the coat of arms and other state symbols;
    club, designed to tell others that their owners belong to a particular community, they are made in any form, contain the symbolism of the club, its name and slogan;
  • academic – in the form of a diamond with the symbolism of a particular university, they are ordered for graduates;
  • badges of distinction – school, sports, industrial – which are full marks of distinction, their reception will become a reason for pride and an incentive to new achievements;
  • anniversary and commemorative, which are ordered for specific events or activities – the solemn and memorable.

Making of badges you can trust only to professionals, for example – to specialists of our company. We guarantee their high quality and take responsibility for the result. Metal badges cost is calculated individually on the stage of drawing up a design layout.

Order of making badges

Making of badges is a difficult and responsible process, the soonest achievement of the set goals depends on how it is fulfilled correctly. It begins with the development of a design layout, at this stage:

  • the general concept of the product is determined;
  • the design is developed;
  • chooses the form, size, color design, method of attachment;
  • the price is calculated.

The finished design layout is necessarily approved by the customer, who specifies the desired circulation of products. This is followed by direct production. Metal badges are made by casting zinc alloys, chemical engraving of brass, stamping and etching. Our equipment allows us to create small neat products with miniature elements. As additional processing is used:

  • different types of electroplating – gilding, nickel plating, bronzing, brass plating;
  • covering with colored enamels;
  • artificial aging and patination;
  • decoration with rhinestones, stones, strap-on and movable elements.

Making of badges in our company is made on high-tech equipment with quality control at each stage of production. Risk of defects even when ordering a large batch is almost completely eliminated.

Advantages of using our company

Our company, “S-Cast,” has been manufacturing badges, medals, badges, and other similar promotional souvenir products for many years and has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and responsible partner that can be trusted. You can order badges with your own design, request design development, or choose from a catalog with many options. We work on a contractual basis and strictly adhere to the contract’s deadlines. You can see the future product even before the design layout is sent for production – we practice creating 3D models for visualization, allowing you to evaluate the appearance of the badge and make adjustments if necessary. The advantages of turning to us include:

  • realization of the customer’s design ideas and sketches in the finished product;
  • maximum possible production times for orders of any quantity;
  • affordable prices;
  • 3D modeling;
  • the use of different manufacturing technologies and additional processing, which allows us to create truly exclusive products.

If you want to take your company’s status to a fundamentally new level, tell the world about the principles and worldview of your interest club, or have to organize a large-scale public or promotional event with a large number of people, order the production of badges of any quantity from our company, “S-Cast.” We will not let you down! We accept payment for completed orders in cash, by Privatbank card, or bank transfer. We deliver products using courier services throughout Ukraine. Delivery is free for orders over 5,000 UAH.