Exclusive name badges made to order

A name badge is a small tag worn on the chest that displays information about the wearer’s name, position, and affiliation with an organization or company.

We produce custom metal name badges made from brass or zinc alloy in any shape and size. We apply decorative electroplating coatings and colored enamels.

You can order name badges from us for:

  • employees of an organization
  • a company
  • law enforcement agencies
  • restaurants, cafes, and more

We also make name badges with a window (for interchangeable information) and with different types of fasteners such as a butterfly clutch, magnetic clip, or euro-pin.

Our specialists can develop a design layout for your name badge upon request.

Manufacturing standard and exclusive name badges on order

One of the main activities of “S-Cast” company is manufacturing name badges. We use high-quality materials and innovative technologies in production. Our products have a presentable appearance and serve not only as information carriers but also as a worthy decoration for uniforms and business image. We offer several options for name badges, and they can be ordered in accordance with the corporate style, status, and purpose.

Criteria for high-quality name badges

A name badge is an essential attribute for modern office workers and service personnel. It provides necessary information to customers, partners, and visitors, helps to establish communication and find the right specialist. Name badges are ordered for participants in seminars, conferences, and other events.

Displaying the owner’s information is the primary functional purpose of a name badge. However, its aesthetic value should not be underestimated. The name badge serves as a noticeable element of the image and affects the overall impression. Additionally, the presentability of the name badge reflects the status, solidity, and reliability of the company. Therefore, forward-thinking managers pay attention to this simple but important product.

There are several criteria for a high-quality name badge:

  • Durability and longevity;
  • Providing high-quality viewing of information;
  • User convenience;
  • Presentable appearance.

The item is intensively used and must be resistant to friction, wear, and mechanical impacts. The product design should provide convenient viewing of the contained data. The name badge should be easy to attach to clothing and ensure reliable fixation.

The presentability of the name badge largely depends on the material. Our company offers metal name badges with impeccable aesthetic indicators, durability, and longevity.

Materials used in the production of name badges

In the manufacturing of name badges, a variety of materials can be used:

  • cardboard,
  • plastic,
  • metals.

In reputable companies, service establishments, and government agencies, unattractive and unreliable cardboard products are not used anymore. Plastic badges can be used for various events. These items do not require high durability or longevity. Badges made of polymers are characterized by low cost and a wide range of colors.

The best option for a large company, a reputable institution, or an elite establishment is metal name badges. They have an elegant and noble look, emphasize high status, and have excellent functional characteristics. Although the price of such products is higher, the cost is offset by their long service life and impeccable aesthetic characteristics. You can order name badges made of zinc or brass alloys from us.

Types of constructions and fasteners

We offer personalized name badges with engraved owner’s data, models with pockets for interchangeable nameplates. The choice depends on the specific use. You can order a badge according to your design or entrust its development to our designers. Color enamels and galvanic coatings are used for decoration. We can make custom badges with logos in any configuration or size.

You can choose a convenient type of fastening for the badges:

  • euro-pin,
  • butterfly clutch,
  • magnetic clip.

Magnetic name badges are currently the most popular, providing easy and reliable fastening, and eliminating the risk of clothing damage.

The cost of producing name badges in our company is reasonable, and the service is available to a wide range of customers.