Exclusive medals made to order

Medals are an essential attribute for honoring jubilarians, motivating employees, and awarding winners in sports competitions.

We produce custom-made sports, anniversary, award, and souvenir medals from brass or zinc alloy.

Medals can come on a ribbon with a clasp, with a loop for a ribbon, in a case, or as desktop awards. We offer a variety of shapes, decorative galvanic coatings, and colored enamels. Medals can be paired with satin ribbons with full-color printing.

Our specialists can also develop a design layout for your medal upon request.

Making medals of different kinds to order

Making medals to order – this is one of the services of our company “S-Cast”. We carry it out at a high professional level with a guarantee of quality and responsibility for the result. Here you can order a souvenir, anniversary, honorary, sporting medals made of metal for individual designs, provided by the customer or developed specifically for him. We will make for you a truly exclusive product taking into account your wishes. You can order a medal of any complexity here. We will bring your design ideas to life.

What are modern medals?

A few decades ago at the time of the Soviet Union medals were considered state or military signs of encouragement. They were solemnly presented at collective gatherings for outstanding services to the Motherland. Times have changed, and the purpose of medals has also changed. Now they are awarded to:

  • employees of companies for achievements in their work;
  • business partners for long and fruitful cooperation;
  • athletes for winning important competitions and breaking records;
  • winners of competitions and festivals for high places, etc.

Separate words are gift and souvenir medals. Their manufacturing is ordered before carrying out of large scale public and promotional actions, in which a considerable quantity of people participates. They can play a role of a gift received for active participation, or a prize in drawings and lotteries. Medals with funny inscriptions are ordered for weddings, corporate parties and other similar events, public and private. Despite the apparent simplicity, production of medals is difficult and responsible multi-step process that can be trusted only to professionals. The right solution is to contact our company, which employs qualified specialists – true masters of their craft. We have something to surprise you.

Types of medals

Modern medals are made of quality metal alloys – zinc and brass on special high-tech equipment which allows careful treatment of miniature elements. We practice manufacturing of medals according to individual designs:

  • sports;
  • commemorative;
  • awarding;
  • honorary;
  • named;
  • corporate;
  • gift;
  • wedding;
  • anniversary.

We will make for you quality duplicates of medals, which will be difficult “by eye” to distinguish from the originals. Price of our products is calculated individually at the stage of the design project.

Manufacturing of sports medals is performed several types. They are badges of distinction and given to participants of sports competitions for high achievements and occupied places. Widely used for these purposes electroplating – gilding, silvering and bronzing. This technology makes sport medals festive, solemn and status.

Manufacturing of commemorative medals demands their conformity to an important event. We offer to make them solid and weighty with convex and recessed images obtained by chemical engraving of brass. Award, honorary and jubilee medals have an official look, as well as copies of medals, all others can have any shape and any design.

Order of details manufacturing

Professional production of medals begins with development of a design-project in which the form, size, design and general design of a future product is taken into account. At this stage also calculates the cost, depending on the complexity of performance and materials used. Based on the design project, a 3D model is created, which allows the customer to visually assess the future product and, if necessary, make changes. After the design-project is approved it will be sent on to production. We will make medals for you:

  • on a shoe tree, covered with ribbon or filled with colored enamel;
  • with an eyelet under a satin ribbon;
  • in a frame;
  • on a plaque;
  • in a case.

Production of medals is possible in a desktop version with a stand of natural stone, wood or glass. Design we develop individually for each order or perform medals for the sketch given by the customer, using the latest technology to create true masterpieces.

Our offers

Before a serious sports competition, competition, festival or responsible corporate event, official congratulations to a colleague or loved one with an anniversary, order the production of medals in our company “S-Cast”. We practice the technology:

  • zinc alloy casting;
  • chemical engraving brass;
  • etching and milling;
  • electroplating;
  • coating with colored enamels;
  • patination.

We work on a contractual basis, we perform the undertaken obligations in the time specified in the contract, organize delivery of any copy of medals by courier to all cities of Ukraine. Order for the production of medals can be placed by phone or online.