Zinc Alloy Casting with Centrifugal Technology

Die casting of zinc alloys

Brass chemical engraving

Applying jewelry enamels


Zinc alloy casting

We carry out centrifugal casting and pressure casting.

The use of these methods allows us to achieve excellent practical results:

  • Ideal accuracy in transferring the shape and small details of the sketch
  • Absolutely smooth surface of the product
  • Absence of defects
  • Fast production of products
  • Ability to cast products of complex geometric shapes
  • Prompt fulfillment of orders with a large volume of finished products

In addition, there is another advantage dictated by the range of mentioned benefits. Due to the speed of the process and its low labor intensity, our craftsmen are the only ones who perform metal casting to order in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine at the lowest possible cost.




Our company is capable of applying electroplating coatings on brass products, as well as products made of zinc alloys.

Copper plating

Nickel plating

Black nickel

Brass plating

Bronze plating

Gold plating