Exclusive nameplates made to order

A nameplate – a shield, label or plaque. It is a plate with information or an image that characterizes the marked object.

Nameplates are used to mark industrial equipment, tools, designer furniture, windows, granite sinks, as well as hardware for leather goods, clothing, headwear, and more.

The following information is typically included on a nameplate:

  • name
  • brand
  • product type
  • serial number
  • technical characteristics
  • manufacturer’s logo
  • contact details.

We produce custom nameplates from brass or zinc alloy. We apply decorative galvanic coatings and colored enamels. Our specialists can develop a design layout for your nameplate upon request.

Manufacturing customized metal nameplates for information and advertising purposes

At S-Cast, you can order the production of nameplates for product marking and equipping items with eye-catching advertising displays. High-quality nameplates made from reliable metals with decorative coatings will provide consumers with all the necessary information, attract attention, and emphasize the high status and prestige of the brand.

Purpose of nameplates and their types

Legislation requires that any product must be accompanied by information necessary for the consumer. Various labels and tags are used for marking. Manufacturers who want to convey not only the required information but also certify the worthy status of their brand order metal nameplates. The nameplates look presentable and have high strength and durability.

Nameplates contain all the information for the consumer:

  • product name and model;
  • type and serial number;
  • name and contact information of the manufacturer.

An important element of the design is the logo, ensuring the memorability of the company and its popularization. Production of customized nameplates for marking equipment, household appliances, and designer interior items is carried out taking into account the required size and amount of information.

Metal nameplates can also have other purposes. They can be used as decorative hardware for clothing and accessories. You can order the production of nameplates with decor that matches the style of the product and use them as worthy decorations.

Materials and Decor for Nameplates

Nameplates are made from materials that possess strength and resistance to:

  • moisture,
  • chemical agents;
  • wear and tear;
  • mechanical impacts.

Brass, zinc, and aluminum nameplates do not corrode and maintain their functional and aesthetic properties for several years regardless of the operating conditions.

Decoration adds extra attractiveness and protection to the nameplates. We use colored enamels and galvanic coatings for treatment. Laser engraving and UV printing are used for applying brand symbols, decorative elements, and information about the product. Precise transfer and high quality are guaranteed. Metallography is also used in production, providing clarity and durability by introducing dyes into the metal structure.

Custom nameplates are made according to the client’s sketch. If there is no sketch, the development of the project can be entrusted to the talented designers of our company who will create a layout taking into account the features of the product and your preferences.

Advantages of Making Nameplates in Our Company

Our company has been specializing in the production of this product for several years. The following factors allow us to provide high-quality results:

  • excellent production equipment;
  • reliable partnerships with material manufacturers;
  • highly qualified staff.

We have productive and modern equipment that allows us to promptly produce the product in any volume at a high level.

We offer each customer convenient and favorable conditions. We provide professional consultations, do not limit the choice of materials and technologies, and promptly fulfill orders of any volume. Urgent production of nameplates can also be ordered if there is a production need.

The price of this service in our company is not high. Making reliable marking and eye-catching hardware does not require excessive costs.