Эксклюзивные брелки в Киеве на заказ

A keychain is a decoration, an accessory made in the form of a pendant on a chain or a ring.

We produce custom metal keychains made of brass or zinc alloy, in any size and shape, with the application of decorative galvanic coatings and colored enamels.

We provide the necessary hardware. You can use the keychain as a commemorative gift, for advertising purposes (exhibitions, presentations, promotional campaigns), or for decorative purposes.

A keychain is an excellent souvenir, and people carry them on keychains, bags, backpacks, and clothes. We can develop a design layout for your keychain using your ideas (sketches) and create the finished product.

Manufacturing of keychains in Kyiv on demand

Our company specializes in manufacturing keychains in Kyiv. We offer stylish and fashionable metal accessories. Durable zinc alloys and brass are used in production. You can choose any shape and size for your exclusive items. Galvanic coatings and colored enamels are used as decoration. We equip the accessories with durable and beautiful hardware. You can order keychains to decorate your image, as an original gift, or memorable souvenirs for promotional activities, presentations, exhibitions. This is a universal souvenir that everyone can find a use for. If you don’t know where to buy keychains in Kyiv for decorative or advertising purposes, contact our company. We fulfill orders in any volume.

Keychain – a stylish modern accessory

A simple but effective accessory, a keychain can perform a practical and decorative function. The presence of a ring or pendant allows you to attach it to a women’s purse, backpack, clothing, complement the image with a spectacular accent, and give it an individual character. Car owners, businessmen, and practical people prefer to buy keychains in Kyiv. The accessory allows them to have a complete set of keys with them and provides convenience in use.

It is easy to buy a keychain in Kyiv. Stores offer these accessories in a wide range. But lovers of original images prefer to include original items in their arsenal that are not in mass production. Ready-made products are not suitable for advertising purposes and do not contain the necessary information. Manufacturing keychains in Kyiv on demand gives the opportunity to acquire an exclusive accessory, prepare souvenirs for advertising purposes that will help promote the brand.

Types of keychains

You can order any type of keychain in Kyiv. You can choose the appropriate shape, hardware of the accessories designed for attaching to keys, cell phones, car or gate remote controls, bags. These are universal accessories used by people of all ages, and they can be given to representatives of any category. They are an excellent option for promotional activities and are used by organizers of various events. Accessories are given to clients, partners, participants, and guests.

Custom keychains in Kyiv are in demand among fans of unique looks and those who want to make an unusual gift. An accessory designed according to a special sketch is unique, which significantly increases its value. It can contain:

  • A photo.
  • A greeting, wish.
  • Funny inscriptions.
  • Zodiac signs and others.

If the accessory is purchased as a gift, custom keychains with a photo are an excellent option. Addressed, unique presents are always received with gratitude and evoke wonderful emotions. These souvenirs can be given to acquaintances and friends for calendar holidays. You can buy keychains in Kyiv for every event. We will help you choose the appropriate type of accessory and its design. For example, on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, you can buy matching keychains in Kyiv and make an original gift to your loved one. Wonderful souvenirs can be purchased for gifts to friends and acquaintances for New Year, March 8, and others.

Custom keychains for advertising purposes

In the category of services offered in Kyiv, custom keychains are one of the most popular options in the business and entertainment industry. These stylish accessories are used as part of a corporate image. Such keychains can be purchased in Kyiv for employees and presented to customers and business partners.

Exclusive accessories are widely used in presentations, exhibitions, conferences. They are marked with appropriate symbols, and the products are given to participants and guests as a memorable souvenir. We make custom keychains in Kyiv for sports teams, clubs, and competition organizers. Athletes use them, and the products are distributed to fans and sponsors.

Companies specializing in excursions, tourist firms, and hotels can purchase custom keychains for their customers. In addition to the company logo, images of Kyiv’s attractions are applied to them. Such accessories will surely be liked by tourists and guests, will be used for their intended purpose, and will provide effective advertising.

The process of making custom keychains

The production of custom keychains in Kyiv is carried out according to exclusive sketches. You can create it yourself, choose photos and images for decoration. Our company employs professional experienced designers. You can entrust them with the development of a sketch. They will create an original and interesting option, taking into account your preferences, wishes, and the purpose of the products.

After creating a design layout, materials and hardware are selected for the products. We offer durable and long-lasting metals. Brass and zinc alloys have high resistance to corrosion, and the product will maintain its pristine appearance for many years. We have a large assortment of hardware in stock, and you can buy keychains in Kiev taking into account all your preferences.

To give the product maximum attractiveness, high-quality decoration is used. Our production workshops are well-equipped, and we decorate keychains in Kiev using all modern technologies. The following techniques are used for decoration:

  • Chemical engraving.
  • Milling and etching.
  • Application of colored enamels.
  • Galvanizing – bronzing, silver plating, gold plating.
  • Patination, artificial aging.

Our masters use professional equipment and high-quality consumables. Specialists have extensive practical experience and necessary qualifications. You can choose any design – presentable, informative, romantic, glamorous, or funny keychains to buy in Kiev, which precisely correspond to their purpose and preferences.

Our advantages

For customers who want to buy original keychains in Kiev, we offer convenient and advantageous conditions. The availability of high-quality materials, hardware, and the use of various decoration technologies eliminate any limitations. You can order keychains for any purpose, taking into account your preferences, tastes, and financial capabilities.

Our specialists provide consultations, assist in selection, and create original sketches for those who want to buy personalized keychains in Kiev, use the most informative advertising media for corporate purposes.

An excellent material and technical base, high-tech equipment, extensive experience in this segment, and a team of qualified and experienced specialists of different profiles allow us to produce keychains in Kiev in any volume, ensuring impeccable quality for our products.

A reasonable pricing policy and moderate prices for services guarantee cost savings. You can buy exclusive accessories for mobile phones, handbags, clothing, and car keychains in Kiev on the most favorable terms.