Sports medals for order

Sports competitions of various levels are regularly held in our country. Their winners require special awards that will remind them of the event, personal or team achievement. Sports medals are awarded to individual athletes or entire teams for their skill and determination to win. They have special requirements for their production. They must be made of strong and high-quality materials using technologies that ensure their durability without losing their original appearance according to the bright and memorable design that corresponds to the theme of the competition for which they were awarded.

Custom-made sports medals are one of the offerings of our company, “S-Cast,” which has been working in the field of award and souvenir products for many years. For their production, we use different materials such as brass, nickel silver, tombac with gold, silver, and bronze plating, artistic casting and stamping technologies, the latest high-tech equipment that allows us to bring any design to life – creating three-dimensional images with a clear contour, inscriptions, and finely detailed drawings.

Types of sports medals

Sports medals are usually ordered in three types:

  • Gold – for awarding champions;
  • Silver – used for second place winners;
  • Bronze – for athletes who earned an honorable third place.

The design and decorative decoration of medals are chosen by the organizers of sports events, based on their theme, level, and type of sport. Making custom sports medals allows for elite high-quality attributes. Classic techniques are used to create real masterpieces with a presentable appearance and a voluminous image that immediately allows one to understand what kind of award it is and for what merits it was received.

Sports medals usually have a round shape, and as for their size, it can vary. They are usually decorated with the competition logo, which gives them a special solemnity. It should be noted that medals are awarded to athletes not only for winning prize places. These marks of distinction belong to the category of commemorative and souvenir medals. They are ordered, including for participants in friendly competitions, those present at the opening of new sports arenas, etc.

Raw materials for making sports medals

Serious requirements are imposed on sports medals. They are primarily related to their strength and durability while maintaining their original appearance. To achieve this, they are made of special metal alloys that are not susceptible to corrosion, do not disintegrate, and do not darken over time. These include:

  • Brass – a pressure-treated alloy that is resistant to corrosion, ductile, durable, and elastic, allowing the creation of real masterpieces that reward champions (gold medals);
  • Nickel silver – used to create medals for second place (with silver plating);
  • Tombac – a brass alloy used to make third place medals (bronze) and souvenir medals (copper).

Other types of metal alloys, which have found their application in the production of badges and souvenir products, are extremely rarely used for the production of sports medals due to an unsuitable shade or insufficient strength.

Technologies used to manufacture award medals

Award medals for sports competitions are made using special metal processing technologies that allow creating true masterpieces. These can be:

  • stamping, which has been known to mankind for centuries, allows manufacturing award medals in large quantities in the shortest possible time with a clear, voluminous and detailed picture with special depressions for filling with colored enamels;
  • casting – a classic technology that requires impressive financial, labor, and time costs, which is used to manufacture VIP medals that are awarded to winners of international competitions, including world championships and the Olympics;
  • engraving – used to display images in a rich color palette with a wide range of shades and shadows on the outer metal surface;
  • chemical etching – allowing to create volumetric images on medals.

Our company “S-Cast” offers the production of sports medals in Ukraine at a high professional level with a guarantee of quality and responsibility for the result. We can bring to life any design idea in terms of decorative design of a commemorative award. You can order from us the production of award medals for sports competitions of various levels in any print run.