Production of commemorative medals to order in Ukraine

Traditionally, commemorative medals are issued by the state for significant dates and important events to reward individuals who have made special achievements in that field. Now, this award product can also be used for corporate purposes, organizing events, and family celebrations. It can be both an excellent souvenir and a valuable gift.

At S-Cast, you can order a commemorative medal for various purposes. We promptly fulfill orders of any scale at a high level.

The Sphere of Application for Commemorative Medals

Traditional medals are part of the category of awards products. They are presented for achievements in a particular field. There are sports, military, and state awards of various levels. Commemorative medals have a different purpose.

If a corporate event is planned, and you need to prepare souvenir award products for employees, business partners, VIP clients, you can order the required amount of products from us wholesale. We can produce medals for public events, graduates of schools, universities, and lyceums in large quantities.

These medals can be presented not only for special achievements. Occasions for awarding them can be:

  • An important company date
  • Public event
  • Graduation from educational institution
  • Wedding celebration, etc.

We accept orders from individuals as well. You can order a commemorative medal for newlyweds and guests, jubilees, birthdays, and make original gifts for friends. Such a gift will certainly make a good impression and evoke positive emotions.

Types of Commemorative Medals

We offer several options for these products. You can order a commemorative medal:

  • Breastplate
  • Without mounting in a box
  • Tabletop
  • In a plaque

Breastplate models are equipped with a four or five-sided mount, which can be covered with fabric or colored enamel. Products in a gift box are an excellent souvenir, gift, and can become part of a collection. Tabletop options differ in larger sizes and are used as an original decorative element of the interior. A medal in a plaque can also decorate the design, which is placed on the wall.

There are no restrictions on the choice of shape, size, or attributes. These parameters are chosen by the customer. The price of large models is higher since more material is used for them.

Manufacturing and Design of Attributes

There are two technologies used in the production of these products. You can order a commemorative brass medal which is made by stamping. This is the optimal option for producing a large quantity of products. Specialists create a special press plate based on the provided sketch. The medals are cut out of a sheet of metal, and the specified images are printed on both sides. Brass has a beautiful color, high strength, and resistance to external influences. The products retain their original appearance for many years, regardless of the conditions of use and storage.

The production of a commemorative medal made of zinc alloy is carried out by casting technology. This is a labor-intensive, multi-stage process. To create a medal, specialists create a layout on high-tech software, manually working on small, complex elements. A mold is made, into which melted metal is poured. After the blank has cooled, it is ground, degreased, cleaned, and prepared for decoration. Zinc alloys also have excellent technical characteristics and resistance to any influences.

Several methods are used to decorate the medals. Chemical etching, electroplating, colored enamels, etc. Skilled masters cope with tasks of any complexity, accurately reproducing the individual design based on the provided sketch.

Advantages of Custom Medal Production

In the souvenir products category, you can now buy ready-made medals. These are offered in various holiday or fun themes. But this option is not suitable if you need a product intended for a specific event or recipient. For such purposes, it is necessary to order a commemorative model with design that matches the theme, status of the event, and individual characteristics of the recipient.

Ordering attributes guarantees:

  • The ability to choose materials and design based on preferences and financial capabilities.
  • Uniqueness of the products, providing special value and significance.
  • Quality of execution.

Our production workshops are equipped with high-tech equipment, and all types of raw materials and consumables are available. Experienced professional specialists are engaged in the manufacture of medals. This allows us to quickly fulfill orders in any volume. The cost of the service is calculated individually. Purchasing products from the manufacturer excludes unjustified expenses and allows you to save money.

Our activity covers the entire territory of Ukraine. The courier service provides delivery of finished orders to Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and any other city in the country.