Production of magnetic name badges to order in Ukraine

It is important to pay close attention to the selection of the design and construction of name badges intended for employee uniforms. These attributes are a noticeable element that not only serves the main informative function but also influences the overall perception of the specialist’s appearance. Name badges can have an impact on shaping opinions about a company, evaluating its status and image. S-Cast offers the best option for a presentable corporate style. We produce custom magnetic name badges.

Features of Magnetic name badges

A name badge is a nameplate with personal information that helps to locate the right specialist and address them correctly. It is attached to uniform clothing using various types of fasteners. Cardboard and plastic models are attached with ribbons or pins, but these fastenings have some drawbacks. They are not reliable and may cause damage to the uniform.

A magnetic name badge consists of two parts. One piece, equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet, is attached to the back of the breast pocket. It is covered with a self-adhesive layer that allows the body to be attached to any material. The other metal part is attached to the outside and is firmly held in place by the magnetic force created by the magnet.

The front element of the name badge can have any design. We offer the production of magnetic name badge with solid fronts or with windows. Personal name tags are intended for a specific person and are engraved with their personal information. Products with windows can be exchanged between owners. This option is suitable for large companies where the staff can regularly change.

Various technologies can be used to decorate the front of the name badge. It can be covered with colored enamel, decorated with electroplating, and the company logo and brand name can be placed on the name badge. Our company has modern equipment for various types of processing.

The production of these products is one of the main types of our activities. We manufacture magnetic name badge to order for a wide range of customers. This product is very popular and is purchased in bulk for employees of offices, medical and government institutions, catering establishments, hotel businesses, and others.

Advantages of magnetic name badges

The growing demand for these attributes is due to several obvious advantages. Metal magnetic name badges:

  • Easily attach to any material.
  • Can be fixed in any desired position.
  • Do not damage clothing.
  • Look respectable and prestigious.

The neodymium magnet guarantees strength and reliable fixation. At the same time, the product is easy to remove when necessary. Unlike pins, the base with a self-adhesive layer on the material leaves no traces. It can be attached to light, delicate fabrics without the risk of damage.

Custom magnetic name badges are made from various materials. The cost of these products is higher than that of plastic or cardboard analogues. But the investment in them is fully justified by their durability and impeccable aesthetic characteristics. Metal nameplates retain their integrity and design for several years.

Custom name badge manufacturing

Magnetic name badges on order are made in the following order:

  • The client presents a sketch of the model.
  • Specialists develop a layout.
  • Masters make name badges.
  • The order is delivered to the client.
  • Payment for the service is made.

If you don’t have your own sketch, you can order a custom design for your nameplate from our specialists. Designers will take all your wishes into account, and the finished layout is agreed with the customer before the masters start work. Various technologies are used in decoration and design, so you can choose the optimal option that fully corresponds to the features of your corporate style. We make magnetic name badges to order for all clients, regardless of their location. Our field of activity covers the whole of Ukraine. We have our own courier service and will deliver the completed order quickly to Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and other cities in the country.