Metal name badges to order for a solid corporate identity

Having a unique corporate identity in modern market conditions is a mandatory requirement for the development and promotion of any brand. It includes many elements, including employee uniforms. Badges and name tags are among the attributes for uniforms. These items can be made from different materials. S-Cast offers the best option for reputable firms wishing to emphasize their worthy status. We produce custom metal name badges.

Advantages of Metal Name Badges

Cardboard name badges are no longer considered an option for attribute name badges. These cheap and unattractive products have fallen by the wayside. Plastic name badges are in demand, with their main advantage being their low cost. However, they are not durable and quickly lose their initial attractiveness.

In terms of strength and durability, metal is an absolute champion. Products made from it can serve for decades, retaining their integrity and attractiveness. A metal name badge transforms a uniform, giving it a respectable appearance. Visitors, clients, and business partners form a positive opinion of the company, its reliability, and status.

Metal name badges have several obvious advantages:

  • They are durable, retaining their original properties for many years.
  • They look respectable, presentable, and expensive.
  • They are produced in a wide range of designs.

Types of Metal Name Badges

In our company, metal name badges are custom-made in several variants. You can choose solid nameplates. The personal data of the owner, such as their name, surname, and position, are engraved on the plate. You can also place the company logo, division, etc. on it. This is a permanent attribute belonging to a specific person.

Many companies prefer to order models with a window in which a sheet with personal data is inserted. The front side of such a name badge can contain information about the company and its logo. These products are purchased wholesale for large firms where there is frequent turnover, and it is not feasible to buy individual nameplates.

We manufacture metal name badges on order in any size, configuration, and decoration based on the presented sketch. The products we create will precisely match the features of the corporate style and the employees’ forms.

Metal plaque manufacturing

The cost of service is an important criterion for every customer. This factor largely depends on the material from which the name badges are made. Our company maintains an extensive range of products, allowing for a choice based on preferences and financial capabilities. The following materials are used in production:

  • Steel alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

For those looking to save costs, custom metal name badges can be made from steel. Despite the low cost, these models have decent aesthetic properties thanks to plating. This layer provides the metal with corrosion protection and enhances its attractiveness. Various compositions are used in processing, and a choice can be made based on the specific design.

Brass and aluminum name badges look presentable and expensive. These metals have a pleasant shine that provides a luxurious appearance. They are highly resistant to any kind of impact, do not dull, do not rust, and do not lose their initial aesthetic properties for many years.

The production of metal name badges in our company is carried out using the latest equipment equipped with electronic control. High accuracy and quality results are ensured. We use several processing technologies, allowing us to implement designer ideas of any level of complexity.

Custom Metal name badges Production

Nowadays, it is easy to buy name badges for offices, stores, catering establishments, medical clinics, and government agencies. Ready-made products are offered in a wide range. However, mass production is not the best solution for companies that pay proper attention to their image and corporate style. Unique attributes can ideally decorate uniform clothing and emphasize the brand’s respectability.

Custom metal name badges are made to an exclusive project developed specifically for these products. This ensures uniqueness and complete compliance with corporate identity features. Plaque manufacturing on an individual order is carried out in the following order:

  • An individual design is developed based on the sketch provided by the client.
  • The cost of service is calculated.
  • Name badges are made from the metal selected by the client.
  • Decorations are created.
  • The finished product is delivered to the customer.

The price of the service is calculated individually.

We ensure the availability of products for every consumer. Our activities cover the whole of Ukraine. Courier delivery is available to Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities in the country. A system of discounts and privileges is in place, allowing for cost savings.