Professional production of name badges with a logo for order

Manufacturing name badges with a logo is necessary to maintain a company’s corporate style, distinguish its employees or promotional staff among visitors and guests. Many modern companies, businesses in the trade and service sectors order this service. A name badge is a small card made of plastic or metal intended for the identification of its owner. It indicates the full name and position of the responsible employee, as well as the name of the company and its logo. The name badge is usually worn on the uniform or other clothing on the chest, so that the information on it is convenient to read.

Our company S-Cast offers wholesale production of custom-made name badges with logos in large quantities. We employ highly skilled specialists who are true masters of their craft. We provide this service at a high professional level within the timeframe agreed upon in the contract at a favorable price. You can suggest your own name badge design or order its development from us. We work throughout Ukraine and accept orders from companies in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities.

What is a name badge with a logo?

Making name badges with logos is consistently in demand, and it’s not surprising, since this accessory is an essential part of the corporate culture of all modern companies. In the business sphere, it plays an important role:

  • Identifies its owner;
  • Allows a visitor to quickly find the right employee in a retail or service establishment and address them by name;
  • Serves as a pass for entry into a company or organization with a security system;
  • Can simultaneously serve as an electronic key for access to restricted areas.

Making name badges with logos in large quantities is recommended before holding a large-scale promotional event. They are essential for participation in exhibitions where products and personnel from other companies are present. Name badges require an individual design, one of the main elements of which should be the logo of the company whose employees are their owners.

Types of name badges with logos

Making name badges with logos is a popular service. Chest identifiers for company employees and promotional personnel demonstrate respect for visitors, buyers, and clients, confirm the high status and financial stability of the company, organization, or establishment, and serve as subtle advertising that increases logo recognition.

Name badges are made of plastic and metal and are equipped with different types of fastenings – lanyards, pins, magnets. Images are applied to them using various technologies – full-color printing, sublimation on metal, engraving on brass, etc.

Manufacturing name badges with a logo is done according to an individual design. The cost of these identifiers, which are ordered in large quantities, directly depends on their type. It is customary to distinguish:

  • name badges with direct printing – plastic accessories of different shapes and sizes, on which the company name and logo, as well as the employee’s full name and position, are applied using direct printing technology on a plastic blank and covered with a protective layer that extends the life of the accessory;
  • name badges on blanks – you can buy a ready-made blank for the identifier and order us to apply the image to it according to an individual sketch using the chosen technology;
  • name badges with a window and a replaceable insert – suitable for corporate use by not one, but several responsible employees;
  • name badges with a replaceable panel – they are ordered for promotional staff, the replaceable panel allows changing the employee’s full name while the company name and logo remain unchanged;
  • name badges with engraving – ordered for managers, senior company managers, and other responsible persons, they are real identifiers intended for personal use.

Manufacturing name badges with a logo is possible of any type. You choose the material of manufacture, color scheme, and technology for applying the necessary information yourself.

Advantages of name badges with a logo

Manufacturing name badges with a logo is ordered more often than manufacturing other types of identifiers. This is due to their undeniable advantages, which include:

  • pronounced corporate style;
  • unobtrusive company advertising;
  • presentable appearance;
  • conveying the necessary information to visitors, clients, and guests.

Manufacturing name badges with a logo is required, including to raise the team spirit of staff. The presence of this accessory among employees will be a good motivation to contribute to the common result.

Where to order name badges with a logo?

Professional manufacturing of name badges with a logo is one of the popular offers of our company S-Cast, which has been working in this field for many years. Among the advantages of contacting us are:

  • prompt fulfillment of obligations undertaken;
  • favorable prices for services;
  • an individual approach to each order;
  • quality guarantees.

You can order manufacturing name badges with a logo from us in large quantities. We will fulfill them within the established deadline in strict accordance with the approved design project.