Enameled badges for order

Enamel badges to order are steadily in demand. And no wonder, because they are actively used these days as unobtrusive advertising to promote a product or brand. These small, but eye-catching products, carry profound meaning. Their production large circulation is ordered companies before a large-scale advertising campaign or promotional event, where they will play the role of promotional souvenirs, and not only. Enameled badges are used for mass distribution at city and state holidays as a memorable insignia of distinction, at sports competitions, cultural events, etc.

The special demand is for branded enamel badges with logo. They are ordered by many large companies for their employees to emphasize their status and strengthen the staff of the team spirit. Such badge of honor on business clothes or uniform looks aesthetically and stylishly. Manufacturing of enamel badges to order any number of copies in a very short time in Kharkov offers our company “S-Cast”. We bring to life any design project. Enameled icons we produce according to individual designs.

Types of cold enamels for manufacturing badges

Modern custom enamel badges are made of different types of enamel. The most popular are:

  • Soft (liquid, cold) enamels, which are poured with a special tool into a pre-made method of photoetching recess on the metal base of the badge so that the rims of the metal were slightly raised and the colored enamel image is recessed down. From the outside such badges are additionally covered with epoxy resin, which makes them aesthetic and protects from the aggressive influence of the environment.
  • Epola is a thick enamel made on the basis of epoxy resin which is rubbed into a previously made cavity on a metal base so that both the colored image and the edges were at one level, after that the front side of the badge is thoroughly polished, in some cases sandblasting is used additionally which provides the image with a special glamour.
  • Transparent enamels are used to enhance the visual effect by emphasizing the texture of the underlying metal on which they are applied.
  • Luminescent enamels are used for making badges that glow in the dark, which are ordered, among other things, to ensure the safety of people engaged in professional activities in difficult conditions.

Branded enamel badges with a logo are often made by combining different types of enamel on the upper and lower level of the front side of the product. This provides a stunning effect and emphasizes the high level of workmanship.

Значок для юридиской компании
Шильды для дизайнерского ателье
Значок с индивидуальным дизайном

Making of badges with the use of hot enamel

Badges made by means of hot enamel technology look stylish and modern, it allows to realize any design idea. For their manufacture a special enamel paste is used, consisting of fine-grained sand colored with special dyes and liquid, providing for creation of paste-like consistency. The process itself of creating a metal badge using hot enamel technology is as follows:

  • a metal base with special recesses under the enamel is made;
  • the enamel paste is prepared in the necessary color scheme;
  • the enamel paste is poured into the recesses of the metal workpiece and mashed so as to exclude the formation of voids, after which it is dried for some time in the open air;
  • each color of the enamel badge poured into the recess of the metal workpiece is separately fired in a special furnace;
  • the product, which has been heat-treated as many times as the enamel colors are used in it, is polished and then polished;
  • a fastener is welded to the finished product;
  • the finished badge is patinated, silvered or gilded with electroplating.

Production of tailor-made enamel badges is a difficult and responsible process, which can be entrusted only to professionals. Address to our company “S-Cast”, production workshops which are equipped with modern equipment, making possible to produce different types of badges, applying different metal processing technologies with usage of hot and cold enamels and as a result at the output there is not simply usual metal product, but a real masterpiece. We produce enamel badges to order any number of copies with a guarantee of quality and responsibility for the result strictly in the time specified in the contract.