Where to order medals for corporate and personal purposes?

The medal is the main representative of award products. Since time immemorial, they have been awarded to individuals with special merit in various fields. Now the sphere of their application has significantly expanded. Medals are used not only as a reward for feats, services and victories. It is a popular souvenir, gift production using the high demand. If you still do not know where to order medals for corporate, personal purposes, turn to S-Cast Company. We will execute your order quickly and with high quality in any volume.

Scope of medals application

Traditionally state medals are awarded for feats of arms in military and peaceful conditions, labor merits. There are commemorative products timed to important dates. These attributes are used in sporting events to reward winners. They are awarded to winners of festivals, competitions, who took high places.

Souvenir products in stores are offered in a wide range. But wishing to purchase unique, personalized products need to know where you can order medals. These awards, gifts are made according to exclusive designs. In our company you can place an order for the manufacture of any attributes, taking into account the wishes, purpose.

Now it is not necessary to perform feats or show good results in sport, art. Reward products in Ukraine has an extensive sphere of application. Medals are used as:

  • Awards for the best employees of the companies.
  • Memorable souvenirs for customers.
  • Original gifts for colleagues, friends, relatives.
  • A unique attribute for family celebrations.

Types of medals and their decoration

Our company produces all types of these products. You can contact us if you do not know where to order medals:

  • Honorary.
  • Award.
  • Anniversary.
  • Souvenir.

Excellent manufacturing equipment with the latest high-tech equipment, availability of highly skilled craftsmen allows us to offer a wide range of services. To give the medals the proper look allows the use of several technologies in their design.

Awarding, sports attributes are made in accordance with current standards. For example, medals used for awarding medalists who took the first place in competitions are covered with gold, silver and bronze. Medals of honor intended for delivery in honor of important dates, for special merits, have considerable weight, are decorated with recessed and convex images.

Souvenir, gift items can have any individual design. Several techniques are applied in decoration, it is possible to choose a variant for realization of any idea.

Manufacturing and decorating techniques

We have every reason to guarantee every customer who wants to know where to order medals, full satisfaction of their wishes. In the production workshops we have all the necessary materials, machines. Manufacturing products engaged in professional experts with extensive practical experience. In the manufacture uses casting zinc alloys, milling. Masters use a variety of technologies of decoration:

  • Chemical engraving.
  • Electroplating.
  • Etching.
  • Coating with colored enamels.
  • Patination.

Guidance for the choice of method is a model, developed in accordance with the wishes of the customer. All technologies used provide durability, strength and longevity of the decor. You can place your order with your design or order its development to our specialists.

In the category of finished awards, souvenirs offered in stores in Kiev and other cities, a lot of different options. There are products for celebrations, corporate events, holidays, humorous options for presenting friends to colleagues. But not always it is possible to find a souvenir that exactly corresponds to the subject and purpose. In addition, these products are not exclusive, targeted. It is not necessary to waste time and energy looking for where to order medals. Please contact us and you will get the right option.

Variants of decoration of medals

Award, gift, souvenir medals need not only provide the proper design, but also perform design in view of the destination of the product. We use several ways to design medals. You can order:

  • Award-winning products on the block enameled or trimmed with a ribbon.
  • Sports, jubilee paraphernalia with an eye for a satin ribbon.
  • Gift options in a box, frame, on the plaque.

Quality materials and special gift wrapping are used in decoration. Proper decoration gives products a special value, solemn, solid look.

Our company has been working in this sphere for several years, we have extensive experience and a circle of reliable suppliers. The competent organization of production, reasonable price policy makes our services accessible to each consumer. Making award-winning paraphernalia is inexpensive, you do not need exorbitant costs. You do not need to look where to order medals in Odessa, Kharkov, another city, we provide courier delivery all over the country.