Production of badges on the jacket

The jacket badge has gained a second life these days. It can often be found on the lapels of solid-looking men – politicians, businessmen, lawyers, etc. It emphasizes their business style of dress, high status and position in the society. Small metal badges on jackets blend in with modern style and became its successful addition.

Our company “S-Cast” offers a professional manufacturer of metal badges on jackets to order for individually designed sketches in Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine. We guarantee performance of any tirage strictly in the time specified in the contract.

What are the modern badges on my jacket?

Modern badges on jacket essentially differ from the fractional badges, which have come into fashion in the end of XIX century, which were worn by men belonging to a military estate, and from the Soviet insignia, showing affiliation to Komsomol or Communist Party of the Soviet Union, although their main purpose remains the same. They are a special kind of paraphernalia, indicating belonging of the person, to the lapel of which they are attached, to any community – cultural, sports, political, social, etc. But along with them are widely used and ordinary advertising or souvenir badges, which are ordered by the company before a promotional event or the beginning of an advertising campaign aimed at the promotion of goods or brand.

Значок футбольного клуба Динамо
Шильды политической партии
Значок школы "1 сентября"

A badge on a jacket is not an accessory that can be worn for nothing. In most cases, it carries a certain meaning and has a certain value, both for the person wearing it, and for those around him. The distinctive features of this stylish attribute are considered to be:

  • small size – no more than 2 cm;
  • the presence of a semantic load;
  • imperceptible to the naked eye fastening.

Production of badges on the jacket is made only of metal, specially treated using modern technology. Using other materials for these stylish merchandise is unacceptable.

Appointment of badges on the jacket

Modern jacket badges look expensive, noble and stylish. Some of them are an element of corporate identity. They are often ordered by large companies for their employees. The presence of a corporate badge significantly raises the team spirit of staff and enhances the team image, as well as the loyalty of the target audience to it. In addition, badges are worn by veterans, representatives of law enforcement and government agencies, party leaders.

Production of badges on the jacket is ordered before any major event, including those involving the presence of foreign guests, for example, a symposium, conference, sports, scientific meeting. They are made in the form of a well-recognized emblem or logo.

Metal badges on the jacket in modern life can serve different purposes. Most often they are used as:

  • a sign of belonging to a certain circle of people;
  • encouragement for merit;
  • hidden unobtrusive advertising;
  • elite souvenir;
  • gift.

In the manufacture of a tiny badge on the jacket is invested a lot of meaning, so it can not be treated as a simple decoration.

Значок спортивного клуба Вираж
Значок спортивного клуб
Значок кружка Macdonalds

Order of making badges on the jacket

Fabrication of metal jacket badges to order is a complex and responsible process, which can only be entrusted to professionals. The right decision is to contact our company “S-Cast”, which has been working in this field since 2013. We produce badges on the jacket only on individual sketches, which makes our products unique and exclusive. First of all, we develop a project of the future badge, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Next, selects the material of manufacture. Badges on the jacket, as already mentioned above, are made of metal or metal alloys. It can be:

  • brass, which is perfectly amenable to pressure processing;
  • nesilver, which has a noble silver shade and has a high corrosion resistance;
  • aluminum, intended for mass production of badges in large quantities;
  • tompak – a malleable brass alloy, of which the real masterpieces of breastplates are made.

Metal, of which badges are made on the jacket, in a mandatory manner is subject to decorative and protective coating, which gives them an aesthetic look and protects from the aggressive effects from the outside. It can be patinated, silvered or gilded.

As for technologies that we use in the manufacture of badges on the jacket, in our arsenal there is a huge number. Real badge masterpieces allows us to perform:

  • photoetching, transmitting in the metal all the fine lines and tiny elements;
  • stamping, providing the most accurate transfer of the image;
  • rolling, giving the badge a glossy sheen effect;
  • casting, which allows you to produce badges of complex shapes, etc.

We produce badges on the jacket on modern equipment, organize quality control at each stage of production, including packaging and shipping, which guarantees the total absence of marriage on finished products. If you need professional production of metal badges on your jacket large or small circulation, please contact our company “S-Cast”. We will fulfill any order.