Professional production of plastic name badges for order

Production of plastic name badges is a demanded and popular service, which is ordered by many companies before an advertising campaign or promotional event, as well as for maintaining corporate style and motivating personnel to make a personal contribution to the overall result. We are talking about small products, made of plastic or metal and equipped with magnetic fixing, which are worn on the clothes of responsible employees of the company and promotional staff. Production of plastic name badges to order wholesale in Kiev, Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities on the type and individual designs offers our company S-Cast. The undertaken obligations are performed at a high professional level with a guarantee of quality and accountability for the result.

What are plastic name badges?

Manufacturing of plastic name badges in big quantities is in steady demand. And it is not surprising, because these small, but informative products are used everywhere. They can be safely attributed to the category of “business cards” of the company. Plastic name badges on the clothes of employees emphasize company’s high status, its stability and solvency.

The history of name badges counts more than 150 years, but they became a part of corporative style in the middle of the last century. Today badge is an obligatory accessory in business circles, identifying its owner and playing the role of a “pass”. In some organizations an electronic key is embedded into it, which opens the door to the office, bank and other rooms with restricted access.

Most modern companies prefer to order the production of plastic name badges with individual design, which is developed taking into account corporate symbols in company colors.

Material of name badges production is firm plastic. It provides them practicality and durability. A magnet is used as fastening.

Advantages of plastic name badges

Plastic name badges production is ordered not only by companies to maintain corporate style, but practically by all institutions of trade and services – hotels, restaurants, SPA-centers, beauty salons, boutiques, banks, medical clinics and so on. The advantages of plastic name badges, the price of which is relatively low, are:

  • reliability of fastening to clothes;
  • solid presentable look;
  • immobility throughout the day;
  • wearing comfort.

Plastic name badges unlike other variants do not spoil clothes – they do not leave holes on them, do not wrinkle fabric and do not tug it. These comfortable, reliable and elegant accessories can be safely worn all day long without fear for your health. They will not harm your body.

Types of plastic name badges

Manufacturing of plastic name badges, as mentioned above, is made to order according to an individual sketch. These obligatory accessories for businessmen and representatives of service sphere differ from each other in form, size, design and color design. You can buy a separate fastener and order the badge in the performance you need, or buy this accessory in the collection. Plastic name badges are steadily in demand:

  • with direct full-color printing;
  • With a window in which you can insert an insert with any information;
  • with a removable panel, which is easy to change;
  • with a removable sticker, which can be an alternative to a window with an insert or a removable panel;
  • with resin sticker;
  • with engraving.

When making plastic name badges to order, the choice of design and decoration is left to the customer.

Where to order the production of plastic name badges?

You can order the production of plastic name badges any number of copies at a bargain price in our company S-Cast. We work all over Ukraine and accept pre-orders for services by phone and via internet. In our work we use various technologies. The advantages of addressing to us include:

  • high quality of performance;
  • clear compliance with the sketch;
  • efficiency;
  • favorable cost.

We have been working in the field of business accessories and advertising and souvenir products for many years, and we have a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and responsible partner that you can trust.