Production of corporate badges

Corporate badges are part of the corporate culture. They are ordered to maintain the team spirit of the staff and increase the brand recognition of the company. Badges are considered to be unique in their kind, never going out of fashion information carrier, which is used as a mandatory uniform accessory, as well as a souvenir and a means to promote the company or brand.

Corporate icons to order – this is one of the proposals of our company “S-Cast”, which in the advertising and souvenir products for many years. We use in our work qualitative materials and the newest technologies of their processing, what lets us produce inexpensive, but elegant, well-recognizable marks, which will become an important element of your company corporate style, which will form positive impression about the brand in surrounding people.

What are the logo badges?

Badges with a logo on order will become a part of corporate style of the company, which is necessary for demonstration of its individuality in advertising and souvenir production. They are ordered before a major advertising campaign or large-scale event to create a positive image in the eyes of partners, potential customers, suppliers and competitors. Company colors, emblems and logos are used in the decorative design of corporate badges that allow creating an individual, well-recognizable brand image supported by all employees of the company and used for advertising, marketing and promotion. It can be seen on business cards, staff uniforms, product packaging, promotional gifts, etc.

Branded badges are small elegant accessories, made of metal, which are usually worn on the chest. They consist of a metal basis with an image and fastening. For their manufacture different materials and different technologies are used, allowing you to create not just badges, but exclusive products that will enhance your brand recognition.

Корпоративные значки на заказ
Значок Macdonalds
Значок для юридиской компании

What materials are used for making corporate badges?

Corporate badges to order can be made of different materials. Their choice is up to the customer, we can only recommend a particular metal in accordance with the provided draft. Most often for the manufacture of company badges is used:

  • brass – a corrosion-resistant, ductile and durable alloy that is perfectly machined by pressure;
  • melchior – a silvery alloy with high corrosion resistance;
  • nesilver – silver alloy, practically not amenable to oxidation, after polishing looks aesthetically beautiful and stylish;
  • anodized aluminum in different colors;
  • tompak, a brass alloy that can be easily pressurized not only hot but also cold;
  • cold and hot enamels used as decorative coatings;
  • optical resin with an epoxy base, which has a lens effect.

Badges with the logo to order are not made from one but from several materials and are necessarily subjected to protective and decorative treatment by:

  • silvering, which gives the product an aesthetic appearance, adds corrosion resistance and improves reflective properties;
  • gilding, performed either by a thin layer of gold or by imitating this precious metal;
  • patination, i.e. painting of brass, bronze or copper items in different shades of noble brown color.

We produce the badges on modern equipment using the latest technologies, which allows us to realize any design idea, to realize any sketch with high accuracy.

What technologies are used in the production of branded badges?

Branded badges made by our company are not just souvenirs, but a real work of art. We use the following technologies for their performance according to the sketch given by the customer:

  • Casting, which allows you to produce badges of different sizes and shapes, including complex, by making castings filled with molten metal;
  • Stamping, that is processing of metal by pressure, this method is most often used in the manufacture of badges of brass, aluminum and steel;
  • Tempering, implying usage of manual or pneumatic tempering machines for making corporate badges, allowing to etch on a metal base the necessary image and to give the front surface of the product a noble glossy shine;
  • Chemical engraving, performed in stages, metal with the image attached to it is placed in a special solution, after which the press from it dug blanks and sent to the electroplating process, after which it is applied enamel;
  • offset – this method implies transferring a polygraphic sticker to the prepared metal surface;
  • Photo-etching – is used for creation of hollows in the badges, subject to filling with liquid enamel on which the image is transferred by the photographic method and exposed to chemical processing.

The choice of technology for the production of badges is made individually, separately for each order. It depends on the material and the specifics of the sketch. Our company “S-Cast” offers manufacturing of corporate icons to order at a high professional level with a guarantee of quality and accountability for the result of any number of copies. We undertake to fulfill your order in the time specified in the contract.