Order badges wholesale

Wholesale Badge Manufacturing in Ukraine

Badges are small accessories worn on clothing in the chest area. They are designed to indicate the affiliation of the wearer to a particular community, the presence of titles and ranks, serve as a business card, and more. Badges are often used as corporate attributes indicating a company’s high status and stable financial position, as well as souvenirs and promotional products aimed at promoting a product or brand.

Our company, “S-CAST,” offers custom badge manufacturing in Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine for any volume in a short time frame. We take care of developing the design, approving it with the customer, production, packaging, and delivery. You can order badges wholesale of any shape and size from us. Their cost is determined individually and depends on the complexity of the manufacturing, selected materials, and volume. The larger the quantity, the lower the price. Wholesale starts with orders exceeding 5,000 UAH.

Types of badges by purpose

Badge types are usually distinguished by purpose, material and manufacturing method, shape, size, etc. Our company offers custom-made badges wholesale, which you won’t find in any store. We create unique designs. You can order the following types of badges:

  • Academic badges, which are worn by students, teachers or graduates of educational institutions;
  • Clan badges, indicating the belonging of the wearer to a certain community, clan, alliance, union, for example, to a sports club;
  • Corporate badges with a logo, which are part of the corporate identity and are used to confirm the high status and stability of the company;
  • Commemorative badges, belonging to the category of award attributes, are awarded for participation in an event or for victory;
  • Uniform badges, mandatory elements of a uniform;
  • Declarative badges, conveying a certain message to the masses;
  • Status badges, emphasizing the special status of the wearer;
  • Anniversary badges, dedicated to the anniversary of a certain event;
  • Tourist badges, with images of local landmarks;
  • Advertising badges, aimed at promoting a brand or product;
  • Souvenir badges, etc.

Badges from different categories differ primarily in their design, which is developed individually and allows you to immediately determine the functional purpose of a particular badge.

Types of badges by material

We offer our new and regular customers wholesale badges made from various materials:

  • Brass badges, looking representative and beautiful;
  • Aluminum badges, with a good combination of quality and price;
  • Plastic badges, striking with a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs;
  • Acrylic badges, having a modern look and easy to manufacture.

Combination badges made from two or more materials of different types are consistently in demand. Metal badges decorated with colored enamels look incredibly stylish.

Types of badges by the method of manufacture

We manufacture badges to order in large and small quantities using various methods. We have all the necessary equipment to bring any design ideas to life. We practice manufacturing badges using the following technologies:

  • Casting
  • Etching
  • Stamping
  • Rolling

To ensure that the finished product matches the customer’s approved sketch, we use additional processing and decorative methods, including:

  • Electroplating with nickel and black nickel, bronzing, and gilding
  • Coating with colorful jewelry enamel
  • Artificial aging – blackening, varnishing, patination
  • Chemical engraving, and more

Using different badge manufacturing technologies allows us to turn each item into a true masterpiece, unlike any other in the world.