Production of badges according to individual design

Badges are small tokens of various shapes made of metal, plastic, and other materials, designed to be worn on the chest. The front side of the badge features an inscription or image that corresponds to its purpose. Most often, lapel pins indicate the owner’s affiliation with a particular community – professional, sports, social, political, etc. Souvenir badges deserve a separate mention, as they are ordered prior to promotional events. They serve as subtle advertising aimed at promoting a company or brand.

Professional production of badges in Kyiv is one of the areas of activity of our company SCAST, which has been operating in this field for many years and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a trusted partner. The cost of badges in Kyiv directly depends on their complexity and the material used for manufacturing. We make them from metal – brass or zinc alloy with various mounting options. Their decorative design is limited only by the flight of your designer’s imagination.

We make custom badges in Kyiv based on the sketch provided by the customer or develop the design ourselves, taking into account all the client’s wishes.

Types of Badges

Making badges in Kyiv is a popular and in-demand service that you can order from our company, SCAST. It is a misconception that wearing badges is a relic of the Soviet era. Badges in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine are just as relevant today. They are ordered for various purposes, including advertising. The following types of badges are commonly distinguished:

  1. Commemorative badges, which are not freely available – they are ordered in limited quantities to be presented to participants of some event, such as a seminar, symposium, training, excursion, etc., as a memory of the event and to create a positive impression and emotions that people would want to repeat.
  2. Distinctive badges, which emphasize your difference from other people. They are ordered by graduates of schools and universities, representatives of companies participating in exhibitions, etc.
  3. Corporate badges, which are ordered by large and small companies for their staff directly working with customers. They are part of the uniform and an element of branding.
  4. Award badges, which are a source of pride for the recipient. They are awarded for achievements in sports, scientific or industrial activities, etc.
  5. Souvenir badges, which do not carry any practical value, but remind people of places or events they have visited.
  6. Promotional badges with logos, which are ordered before conducting promotional events or advertising campaigns aimed at promoting a product or brand.
  7. Ideological badges, which emphasize the affiliation of their owner to a political party, social or public movement.

Special attention deserves badges designed to convey a mood, having a bright, eye-catching design, which may contain hidden advertising. In our company, you can order the production of badges for backpacks, jackets, lapels, etc., for any functional purpose. You only need to provide your sketch or order its development in our company. We fulfill our obligations strictly within the terms of the contract, with a quality guarantee and responsibility for the result.

Materials for manufacturing

Our company offers custom-made badge production in Kiev using a variety of materials, allowing us to create true masterpieces. Metal badges have proven to be excellent, which we produce from:

  • Brass, a corrosion-resistant alloy that makes them durable and less susceptible to negative environmental factors
  • Zinc alloy, with an aesthetic look that remains throughout the entire wearing period
  • German silver, providing a noble silver color to finished products.

Badge production in Kiev is not limited to using a single metal. To provide them with an aesthetic look and compliance with the customer’s approved design, decorative coatings such as cold and hot enamels, optical resin with an epoxy base, anodized aluminum of various colors are used. Technologies such as silver plating, patination, and gilding are widely practiced. The price of badges in Kiev directly depends on the technologies and materials used for their manufacture. It is determined on an individual basis at the stage of contract conclusion after providing the customer with a design or developing a sketch.

Badge manufacturing technologies

Custom-made badge production in Kiev is performed using various technologies. They are chosen individually and depend on the complexity of bringing a designer idea to life. To fulfill our obligations to produce badges of different types, we widely use the following technologies:

  • Casting, to give them different shapes by making molds and filling them with molten metal
  • Stamping, i.e., metal processing by pressure, which allows us to produce a large batch in the shortest possible time
  • Etching – on special machines for etching any image on a metal base
  • Chemical engraving with the use of hot enamels
  • Offset printing using stickers, etc.

If you are interested in badges with your design, contact our company. We have all the necessary equipment to not only make standard round, square, and rectangular badges but also designer products of unusual shapes.

Badge production in Kiev using any of the above technologies is possible in any quantity. We accept orders for the production of large batches and, if necessary, will assist with the development of a sketch and the selection of the perfect options. By turning to us, you can expect to receive not just badges but real chest masterpieces.