Metal badges for order

Metal badges look expensive, elegant and stylish. Various types of metals and alloys are used to create them, such as steel, aluminum, brass, as well as their successful combinations and addition of plastic and acrylic details, colored jewelry enamels, etc. Our company “S-CAST” will create custom-made metal badges of any shape and size according to your individual design.

We are located in Kharkiv, but we accept orders for the production of badges in any quantity from all regions of Ukraine. The price of our products is determined individually and depends on the materials chosen by the customer, as well as the complexity of the work required for their production.

Types and Uses of Modern Metal Badges

The production of metal badges in Ukraine continues to be in demand. Many companies order these small chest accessories, which are made according to individual designs and serve various purposes. In our company, you can order metal badges in Kharkiv for:

  • Status badges that emphasize the special status of you or your employees;
  • Corporate badges with a logo made in the company’s color scheme, which will distinguish your employees from visitors and staff of competitors;
  • Souvenir badges that can be used as promotional materials for events;
  • Commemorative badges intended as gifts for participants in events, winners, or medalists;
  • Promotional badges designed to promote a product or brand, increasing its recognition and loyalty among the target audience.

This is not an exhaustive list of the metal badges we can produce for you based on individual designs in large and small quantities with the shortest possible lead time.

Materials and manufacturing methods

Production of metal badges in Ukraine in our company “S-CAST” is carried out using traditional and the latest jewelry metal processing technologies. You can order breast badges made of:

  • Steel, which has high wear resistance and a long service life without losing its original appearance;
  • Aluminum, which has a small weight and thickness, as well as an affordable cost, allowing them to be ordered in large quantities for various purposes;
  • Brass, which has a noble appearance and looks expensive and representative.

To bring designer ideas to life, we practice additional processing of breast badges made to order according to the approved customer’s sketch, namely:

  • Galvanic nickel and black nickel plating, giving the product a presentable appearance;
  • Bronzing and gilding, turning the breast badge into a real masterpiece;
  • Coating with colored artistic enamels, giving a decorative appearance;
  • Artificial aging – perfect for souvenir badges, etc.

As for the manufacturing technologies, they are also chosen individually, depending on the complexity of the sketch. Quite often, the following is practiced:

  • Chemical etching, which allows the production of two-level products – separate areas of the metal blank are etched according to a stencil with a special acid, after which the resulting recesses are filled with artistic enamels, up to 5 colors can be used in one product;
  • Metal stamping – considered the most economical technology, allowing for a small cost to produce large quantities of relief breast badges in a 3D format;
  • Artistic casting – suitable for the production of exclusive breast badges in small batches.

Exclusive corporate, advertising, souvenir attributes cannot be bought ready-made, but metal badges can be ordered in Kharkiv in any quantity in our company. We guarantee their quality performance in strict accordance with the approved customer’s sketch and offer customers various types of bases and mounting options.