Order badges with the logo

Custom logo badges are consistently in demand, and it’s no wonder, as they are used in various fields these days. Gone are the days when these accessories were considered reward or souvenir products. Nowadays, large and medium-sized companies order the production of metal badges with logos for their staff to strengthen team spirit and encourage personal contribution to the overall result. They also use them to highlight their employees among other participants at exhibitions, presentations, and other promotional events, forming a positive brand image. Our company “S-Cast” can create logo badges for your company, with highly skilled specialists who are true masters of their craft. We can bring any design idea to life and transfer even the most complex sketch onto metal. We provide quality guarantees for all of our products.

The use of badges with a logo

Modern badges with company logos are most often used as promotional souvenirs, but sometimes they play the role of identifying marks for employees. In this case, they are an integral part of the company’s corporate image and an element of office dress code. An exclusive badge with a company logo on the front attracts the attention of customers and partners, contributes to creating a positive impression of the company and the brand.

In addition, custom logo badges are intended for use in the following areas:

  • At business meetings, negotiations, congresses, conferences, etc., as memorable business souvenirs that are presented to the recipient as a keepsake and serve as a reminder of your company or brand;
  • At promotional events of various levels as promotional souvenirs given to guests, among whom are not only partners and regular customers but also other representatives of the target audience who may be interested in the promoted product or brand;
  • At free concerts, city festivals, shows as a gift to guests or participants, which will indicate the sponsor of the event, forming its positive image, contributing to its recognizability, and loyalty of the target audience;
  • At sports competitions, as a mark of distinction for the team whose sponsor is the brand indicated on the badge;
  • At numerous training sessions, seminars, and similar events, which are attended by a large number of people, as badges of distinction for organizers, presenters, and service staff;
  • For conducting pre-election agitation, where they are used as souvenirs;
  • For conducting contests, non-losing lotteries as prizes;
  • At parties, corporate events, children’s holidays, etc., as a pleasant memorable surprise.

Metal badges with a logo are made according to individual sketches that are developed for each print run. At the same stage, the shape and size of the product, the color scheme of its design, the fastening option to clothes, materials for production, and processing technologies are chosen.

Types of badges with a logo

Metal badges with a logo come in different types. Their design is limited only by the flight of designer’s imagination. You can choose any shape:

  • Round;
  • Oval;
  • Rectangular;
  • Square;
  • Polygonal.

As for their size, it usually does not exceed 5 cm in diameter since logo badges are traditionally worn on the chest. The same applies to the variety of their design – these breastplates are executed in corporate colors with mandatory application of corporate symbols and using the company’s logo as the main decorative element.

Order of production

It is recommended to order the production of metal badges with a logo from professionals – true masters of their craft. The right decision would be to contact our company “S-Cast”. We will bring to life any design idea. In our work, we use the latest metal processing technologies, namely:

  • artistic casting;
  • stamping;
  • chemical etching;
  • engraving;
  • embossing;
  • chemical engraving.

The technology for producing badges with a custom logo is determined after the development of a sketch and its approval by the customer, as well as the selection of materials. This can be brass, tombac, German silver, nickel silver, cold and hot enamel.

For the production of badges with a logo in large quantities, it is advisable to use the stamping technology, which allows for the production of a large batch of products with a clear image of corporate symbols and inscriptions on the front side in a short time.

The expensive technology of artistic casting, which is associated with significant time costs, is used to produce premium-class badges with a logo. It gives them a noble appearance and makes them expensive and stylish.

Other technologies mentioned above are used to create original designer effects on badges. Our company “S-Cast” will make truly exclusive products for you based on individual sketches.