Order memorial and souvenir badges

Maintaining a consistent corporate style for a company has a positive impact on its image. It is created from details, including corporate attributes, which should be present in the appearance of every employee who directly communicates with partners and clients. Their presence increases the level of trust in the company and its status, emphasizing its stability and financial sustainability. Among corporate attributes are badges, which responsible employees of the company wear on their chests. They should be ordered to maintain the corporate style. In addition, souvenir badges will be needed before any promotional event. They can be used as giveaways, prizes in a raffle, and so on.

You can order souvenir badges with the logo and other elements of your company’s corporate style inexpensively in Kharkiv from our company “S-CAST”, which has been working in this field for many years. We will produce them for you in large and small quantities, in any shape and size according to individual sketches, at a favorable price and in the shortest possible time. We will also organize prompt delivery to any region of Ukraine. We guarantee their full compliance with the approved project and the production of a truly exclusive product that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Advantages of souvenir badges

No large-scale promotional event aimed at promoting a new product or brand can do without souvenirs. When you need a large quantity of promotional materials to increase brand recognition and loyalty among your target audience, ordering custom-made souvenir badges can be a lifesaver. Some advantages of using them include:

  • Affordable price, making it possible to fit even a small advertising budget.
  • Custom design, created with the brand logo and other corporate symbols in the corporate colors.
  • Versatility – they can be used as a gift for all members of the target audience.
  • High informational density, helping to achieve the goals set for the promotional event more quickly.
  • Small size, making them easy to store, transport, and distribute.
  • Aesthetic appearance that lasts for a long time.

You can order souvenir badges made from various materials – steel, brass, aluminum, tombac, cast or stamped plastic with fasteners such as pins, screws, clamps, and so on.

Types of souvenir badges

Custom-made souvenir badges allow for unlimited design creativity. When developing a sketch, it is recommended to take into account corporate colors, corporate symbols, advertising and promotional elements, and a unique style that will effectively distinguish your product from others.

Souvenir badges are made to order using various methods, the most common of which are:

  • Chemical etching using special acids, followed by filling in the etched areas with colored enamels (paints).
  • Metal stamping to create relief items, including in 3D format – this method is excellent for ordering a large print run in a short time.
  • Artistic casting, which guarantees good detail and can be supplemented with manual finishing.

Souvenir badges make an excellent gift for colleagues, partners, and clients on the occasion of any memorable date. You can order them for the company’s anniversary, a professional holiday, and so on.

How to order custom-made souvenir badges?

You can order custom-made souvenir badges in large and small print runs with a guarantee of quality from our company, “S-CAST.” We are located in Kharkiv, but we work throughout Ukraine. You can submit a request for the production of souvenir products by calling the phone number listed on the website’s main page, or by ordering a preliminary print run calculation using the online form.