Production of chest badges for order

Chest badges for order is one of the popular offerings of our company “S-Cast”. The main purpose of these tiny, but clearly visible products, which are worn on the chest, usually on the left side – in the heart area, is the owner’s affiliation with a particular department. They are ordered for deputies, lawyers, volunteers, animal advocates, etc. A separate word deserves event badges issued in large quantities in honor of public holidays, the successful completion of any action, victory in sports competitions, etc.

Making custom chest badges is a complex and responsible process that can only be trusted to professionals. Despite the apparent simplicity, the production of these tiny chest badges with fastening consists of many stages, from the development of an individual sketch to its embodiment in life. As a result, the output is a truly exclusive product, the like of which does not exist in the world, which will be a bright sign of distinction and a source of pride for its owner.

Types of chest badges

Breastplate chest badges contrary to popular belief has long ceased to be a relic of the Soviet past, they are very relevant today. In our company actively order the production of chest badges on an individual sketch of the following types:

  • badges of membership in a group organization – a political party, charitable society, active youth, sports community, society of animal protection, etc;
  • official badges, which must be worn by officials who hold elective office, for example – deputies, judges, notaries public, etc;
  • insignia for people who have performed an action, such as rescuing drowning, skydiving, or passing the TRP norms;
  • insignia of graduation or receipt of a degree;
  • badges of distinction, medalists, participants in any event;
  • military badges for outstanding achievements and indicating affiliation to a particular type of troops or military units;
  • jubilee badges, their circulation is ordered before any anniversary date;
  • event-based, they perpetuate events that are significant for the entire population or certain groups of people;
  • thematic, dedicated to a certain subject;
  • advertising, which are ordered by companies that promote their product or brand, before the advertising campaign;
  • souvenir, their circulation is ordered before any promotional event, where they are used as handouts aimed at creating a positive impression about the brand.

Stylish and modern chest badges to order which offers our company in Kharkov with delivery all over Ukraine, fundamentally different from those chest badges of honor, which are familiar to the older generation, left behind Soviet times. Below we tell a little about the evolution of chest badges with the appearance to the present day.

A little bit of history

Custom pectoral chest badges began to be made back in the 12th century. They were intended for pilgrims who made difficult hikes to holy places. In Tsarist Russia insignia designed to be worn on the chest appeared in 1827. They were used as an award for distinguished soldiers for services to the Fatherland. During the following years until the October Revolution chest badges in Tsarist Russia were considered honorable and significant. They were worn not only by military personnel, but nurses, scientists, statesmen, students, representatives of other departments and organizations. Sketches of chest badges of honor created by the best artists of the time, and to life them embodied the recognized jewelers, resulting in obtaining not just a small badge, and this work of art. The presence of a badge on the uniform indicated a person respected by society.

After the October Revolution, the purpose of chest badges changed fundamentally. At first they began to be used as a means to convey to the population of the great and mighty Soviet country the new ideals and priorities. All new chest badges were produced annually by factories and plants in huge quantities for any more or less significant events. They were stamped from aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other cheap metals, as well as plastic. However, even in Soviet times it was practiced to produce chest badges to order in single copies. They were used as a reward for special services to the Motherland.

Modern badge making

At the present time the production of chest badges on an individual sketch became very popular. This literally gave these products a “new life”. They are ordered before:

  • state and professional holidays;
  • anniversaries;
  • significant events;
  • sporting events;
  • advertising campaigns or promotional events;
  • congresses, conferences, seminars and symposiums of international level with the invitation of foreign guests.

The design of the front side of the chest badges necessarily carries some meaning, as a rule, easily readable and understandable to a wide audience. On the reverse side, these products are equipped with a special attachment to clothing. This can be – a tiny pin, a screw twist or pousset. Modern chest badges to order for a bargain price of any number of copies, offers our company “S-Cast”, may be single-level and multilevel, consisting of several superimposed parts. We make them from quality metal alloys – brass, tombak, melchior, nesilber, epoxy-based optical resin, hot and cold enamels using the latest advanced technologies with subsequent processing by patination, gilding and silvering. Their different options for completing. Order chest badges in our company right now.